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Dr Noman Sattar

noman sattarDr Noman Sattar has served  as Head of the Department of Peace and Conflict Studies at National Defense University, Islamabad. Before joining NDU in 2009, he was Associate professor at Area Study Center for Africa, North & South America, a teachingresearch institution affiliated with Quaide Azam University, Islamabad. He has served as a Senior Research Officer at the Center. In his present position, he teaches courses in the field of American studies, and supervises research at Masters and PhD level His research focuses on United States foreign policy, politics, government and society; postwar US-Soviet and US-European relations; south Asian politics and security; nuclear proliferation and deterrence; Islam, religion and politics, and terrorism. While working with PCS – NDU, he carried out the Search for Common Ground Project Evaluation as a consultant with his four faculty member team in early 2011. Dr Sattar got his PhD in Government & International Studies from the University of Notre Dame, Indiana, in 2000, and was a Fulbright fellow from 1994-97. His PhD Dissertation focused on Nuclear Deterrence in south Asia. He received his MSc in International Relations and M.Phil in American Studies from Quaide Azam University. His M.Phil dissertation focused on the post-war European security problem. His Masters paper at Notre Dame looked at the Jamaat e Islami in Pakistan. His research interests are generally encapsulated in the above themes. Starting with European security issues, including NATO, since 9/11 these have focused on western security vis a vis terrorism, and the politics of Islamic discourse.

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