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Campaign planning

Picture4Vision without action is only dreaming, action without vision is only passing time, but vision with action can change the world.”  – Nelson Mandela The importance of planning your campaign Effective campaigning means using the minimum amount of effort to achieve the maximum impact. Many campaigners like to follow their gut instincts and seize opportunities as they arise – leading to a danger of doing a lot of things but without getting anywhere.  Planning is critical to making your campaign focused and effective.  Consider the following in your campaigning: external factors play a significant role in campaigns. Try to predict how the external environment or the area you are working in might change, for example, what kind of response might your campaign get? Do you understand the political climate in which you are campaigning? Will the current economic conditions affect your campaign? resources can be organised in many different ways and the people you are seeking to change can be influenced in many different ways. Analysis will help you think through some of the best routes to take and make an informed judgement. how can you best reach your end goal? What changes do you need to achieve along the way? For example, to get the change you want, will you need to have one meeting with officials or to have 1,000 people protesting outside the ministry? Keep the change you want to create forefront in your mind, as you think about what methods you could use.  All of these factors should be addressed in the early stages of campaign planning. Your campaign may not succeed or have the impact you want if you haven’t given sufficient thought to planning what you are going to do. Our key planning questions will help you to start planning your campaign strategy. Campaign planning process In order to increase the likelihood of your campaign succeeding, you need to put sufficient time and effort into planning what you are going to do and thinking about why you are going to do it. The four stages of good campaigning are: analysis, planning, action, impact.   What do we mean by campaign ‘impact’? The Good Campaigns Guide (NCVO, 2005) defines ‘impact’ as: ‘Significant or lasting changes in people’s lives, brought about by a given action, or series of actions’. It goes on to explain: ‘This definition is important because it identifies the ultimate goal of campaigning in relation to changes in people’s lives. Changes in institutional policies and practice, for example, should be seen as means to that end, not ends in themselves. Effective campaigning is about impact not action, results not effort, outcomes not outputs.’

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